Minh Thanh Temple – One of beautiful places in Gia Lai

If you have a chance to set your foot on the majestic sunny and windy Central Highlands of Vietnam, you should not forget to visit Pleiku city, Gia Lai

The temple is located at 14A Nguyen Viet Xuan Street, Pleiku, Gia Lai Province (you can search it on maps easily). It belongs to the Mahayana buddhism sect (or called Phật giáo Bắc tông; phái Đại Thừa)

This is a very beautiful and peaceful place with a lot of monument of buddist architecture type. Need to visit in Pleiku

The temple architecture is truly amazing with its stupa, beautiful towers and artistic statues . Wandering throughout the temple, you find solace and peace at heart!

Temple where you can find peace and serenity

The Minh Thanh temple is allegedly designed according Taiwanese architecture. You can ask the locals for directions, the younger generation is really happy to help you. At the said street you then see the temple from its backyard, where also the entrance is.

Just after the entrance on the left you’ll see some pictures hanging on the wall, showing the suffering of future descendants to hell.

you can see some pictures hanging on the wall (Vietnamese lang.)

You’ll see something pretty behind the gate. From the actual building over to the majestic stairway and the small gardens with lotus ponds everything there is a feast for the eyes, and also the camera.

a side view of minh thanh temple - Gia Lai
A side view of minh thanh temple

If you are going to come to Pleiku, anyway then definitely go visit the Minh Thanh Temple.

If you need a guide when coming to there, I can help you more. I’ll recommend to you some delicious food in here.

Some pics in Insta

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